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How to easily connect with Archangel Haniel, the Joy and Grace of God

Who is Archangel Haniel?

How to easily connect with Archangel Haniel Archangel Haniel is one of the mystic Archangels, mentioned in the Kabbalah and ancient Judaic texts like Archangel Metatron and Archangel Sandalphon. Haniel, as Jophiel has strong female energy and a strong connection with the Moon (Check our guide about female archangels). Haniel means "Grace of God" or "Joy of God", she is an incredibly spiritually powerful and benevolent entity.

Archangel Haniel is an intermediary of communication between humanity and the higher spheres of the angelic realm, that's why Haniel can raise your spiritual level and your theta state to a higher vibration, expanding your consciousness, so you can experience the healing of your soul and access to the higher divine wisdom and spiritual truth.

She acts as an ambassador of the higher spheres of heaven in earth, she can translate and intermediate all communication with heaven and celestial realms in a way humans can easily understand, connecting with Archangel Haniel can be very beneficial in terms of spiritual and extra sensorial gifts development (Learn more about Ophanim Angels).

As we mentioned above Haniel is mentioned in the Kabbalah, the book talks about the Tree of Life which consists of 10 Sephirots, each Sephirot is a branch of the Tree of Life and they are managed by different archangels, one of those is Archangel Haniel. The Sephirot Angels Possess unique divine qualities of life force energy, one of those forces is the Eternity, which is the main force of Archangel Haniel, she helps human beings to remove space and time barriers, which is necessary to understand the eternal nature of God.

Why everyone should connect with Archangel Haniel

Now that you know more about the story and the role of Archangel Haniel in heaven and her role with what concerns to humanity, let me tell you some of the benefits that could be manifested in our life just connecting with Haniel:

Period pains

One of the most horrible experiences for a woman are the difficulties and pains during her monthly cycles, Haniel specializes in healing women from these pains, so make sure you call upon her during your next menstrual cycle.

Develop clairvoyance

The ability to predict or have certain clues about the future and decipher other's people lives is a skill that many seek, however, develop clairvoyance requires a strong relationship with the celestial, divine, and angelic realm. As we mentioned earlier in this reading, Archangel Haniel is the ambassador of all these high spheres of divinity. To develop this wanted skill we need to be able to decipher the celestial language, this is why Haniel can help us to achieve clairvoyance by translating and guiding us deciphering and understanding the divine messages, which are on the highest level of wisdom and consciousness (Archangel Raziel is also known for helping to develop the extra sensorial gifts of God).

Reach Spiritual enlightenment

Archangel Haniel can bring joy in any circumstances to your soul, by enlightening people with insights to fulfill their higher purpose, also by providing you with virtue and spiritual determination and raising your vibrations to a new enlightened level to match hers.

Enrich your romantic life

Haniel can enliven your romantic life, she is in charge of the erotic aspects of the earth. Some people relate Archangel Aniel with Eros in Greek mythology. She has a strong connection with Venus as well which is considered a planet that has love, romance, and erotic energy.

Now let's take a look at some tips that will be useful when connecting with Archangel Haniel:

How to connect with Archangel Haniel Moonstone crystals

What's more important is to have a sacred space in your home where you can stay comfortable and concentrated, away from the outside noise, where you can open your heart and focus to enter on a state of consciousness. It is important that in this special space you add images and objects that evoke feelings of love and peace. Specifically, in the case of invoking archangel Haniel, it is important to have crystals or items of turquoise color. The Moonstone is the representative crystal of Archangel Haniel, it has the connection of the sun and has a turquoise tone.

As we have mentioned repeatedly, Archangel Haniel has a strong connection with the moon, which is why Moonstone is the most appropriate crystal to match with his aura when we are trying to connect with her, however, is important to take advantage of this connection during the phases of the moon, so make sure you coordinate your meditation sessions towards this archangel with the moon phases. Also, it is important to include oils during your sessions, there's no need to be specific with the oil, you can use the oils you use in your normal fashion during your meditation and prayer sessions.

Once you coordinate your prayer and meditation sessions with the phases of the moon, the next step is to call upon her presence, this can be done through prayer, however, it's not as easy as you may think.

Archangel Haniel Prayer

To invoke Archangel Haniel you need to focus a prayer to him, but reciting the prayer is not enough to bring his presence, you need to have faith, and have at least some minutes of meditation and spiritual enlightenment, it is important to be on a state of concentration, you cannot think anything else, forget about what's around you and your material world. After you finish your prayer you should feel a distinctive state in your being, that's a signal that his angelic presence is near, and probably the healing and the benefit for your soul and all other good things we already told you have already started. You may feel a tingle, a spike on the energy in your diameter, or your hands and head may start feeling warm along with a little tickle.

Now let's look at a standard invocation of Archangel Haniel, the prayer is pretty basic but powerful, you just need to follow carefully all that we already told you, which includes preparing your scenario and your meditation environment. When you feel ready you can try the following Archangel Haniel prayer:

Archangel Haniel, benevolent and joyful master, please surround me with your divine energy filled with love and wisdom for {you can mention here the situation you want help with, do you need to develop clairvoyance? need to calm your menstrual pain? Or probably you want to increase the flame of your romantic life, whatever is the reason make sure to describe it carefully to Haniel}. Thank you for elevating my level of conscioussness but not only that, thanks for guiding my words, deeds and behavior and for showing me the energy of joy and happiness with your pressense. Please surround me with your divine grace. Thank you, divine and powerful Archangel Haniel, thank you!”

Archangel Haniel has a great uplifting effect in our lives right after we establish a connection with her, she can help you find the fullest potential of your soul's purpose, works as a divine adrenaline injection into your heart and soul, to recharge your spirituality and your strength.

The turquoise light

As we already mentioned the turquoise is a very important color regarding Archangel Haniel, due to that is the color of her aura. Some times when you are on a high spiritual level and your vibrations are at the highest intensity, you may see turquoise light during the day after your invocation to Haniel during your meditation session, seeing this turquoise light is a sign of strong connection and enlightenment.

The turquoise light is also said to provide strength to those who are weak, helping you carry your stress and problems during your day, also it provides spiritual guidance to those who need it. If you see this light it is probably that Archangel Haniel will talk to you in your dreams (Archangel Remiel also communicates through Dreams), transmitting messages from the divine. Also, you will probably see visions and clairvoyance experiences.

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With Love and gratitude,

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